Experimental features goes mainstream !

Nouveau OneNote

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The new UI which was introduced a few month ago – as an « experimental feature » – becomes the standard UI (from version 17.8269).


I am amazed that the User Interface has been honed further, with :

  • Notebook icons : now differentiating current notebook (opened) and other notebooks
  • Section tabs :
    • now differentiating simple sections, and section group
    • The symbol to expand the section group is now identical to the one used to expand sub-pages
    • Curiously, the section tabs invades the notebook pane ?!

The gear wheel has vanished : The Settings are now reached through a … command on the upper right corner.

Evolution du bouton Paramètres


The Print icon, which was located in the « View » tab, is now on the top banner : it’s much easier to find !

Affichage Old
Version 17.8241 : Print icon in the View tab.


Affichage New
Version 17.8269 : note the new … command, where the Print command is now available.


By the way, what a long journey for this Print Command :

The print icon journey.png
Follow the Print icon’ journey !



Interestingly, there is still the « Experimental features » option in the Settings/Options, meaning that the OneNote Dev. team will still propose and test new feature this way :

The first one is the « Researcher feature », which I’ll cover in a separate post later.


Updated 18/06 : The « Multiple Windows » feature went back ! (and shows in the View tab, in lieu of the « Deleted notes »)




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