The Swap challenge, day 7

Still image for D7

I hope you enjoyed reading my previous posts, as much as I enjoyed using and discovering the new features in OneNote for W10 for this entire week.

I have not covered some new features (Multiple Windows, Redo button, Insert Meeting details…) but they are worth trying too, and useful additions to the App version.

And of course, there are those exclusive features (equation solving, 2D plot, rainbow ink, replay…), which I use a lot to help my daughters with their home work !

Overall, I enjoy a lot the UWP version, with it’s clear and colourful user interface, especially with the new navigation panes and their enhanced ability.

I don’t believe I will be able to get rid of the desktop version, at work, right now, for the reasons detailed in my previous post. But it’s getting close ! With few improvements I may reconsider my opinion for sure.





Update 13/06/2017 : See this blog post about Multiple Windows.



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