Day 2 – navigating

Image for D2

Navigating across a long list of notes has never been easier !

Everything is now customizable : which panes to show, and their width. My favourite settings is :

First, I hide the thumbnail preview (this allows me to see more notes in the list).

Second, I show the notes only (except if I need to switch from one notebook to the other frequently)

Third, I collapse the sub-pages (again to save space)

Thus, I can benefit from a large area for my note on the right, and see a list of >15 notes on the left at the same time (on my SP3 docked, thus on landscape).

I start each day with a new page (a custom template for daily journaling), and eventually add some sub-pages for specific (or lengthy) topics, or meeting minutes. To do that, I insert a new page, and then I set it as a sub-page. In OneNote desktop, all it takes is a very natural swap to the right with the finger, the stylus or the mouse.

Limitation : Unfortunately, it’s not as intuitive in OneNote for W10. You need to right click, locate the appropriate command group in the contextual menu, select it, and finally select transform as sub-pages (3 click !)

Apart from this annoying detail , the new UI is really great, with a fresh and modern look, rather efficient at handling a large collection of notes. One recent improvement that made a big difference for me is the ability to collapse sub-pages.

Annoying : unfortunately, the refreshing of the list of notes is lagging !

Jet lag
During half a second, it shows « Page sans titre », before loading the right page title.


On top of this annoying delay, there are instances when expanding the sub-pages makes you lose your landmarks.


You may need to go up to head back to the « Top » note after expanding its sub-pages.


I also noticed that few page’ names appear sometimes so small that I can’t actually read them (see the second note in the list below) :

Bug d'affichage.png
The annotation (Ink) overlaps with the top of the pages, where the title lies : that’s enough to mess with the title’ font size in the list of notes on the left !


After some time, I figured out that this happens when ink (even a simple highlighter) overlaps with the title’ area. This is odd, because it doesn’t happen in OneNote Desktop…

As a conclusion, a few things needs to be fixed (that’s maybe why Microsoft still calls the new UI « Beta feature »), but apart from those minor issues, the new UI is really a great leap forward !

That’s all for today !

But there’s more to come tomorrow.


Update May 31st : I have uninstalled OneNote for W10 in PowerShell, to see if the odd behaviours described in this post would disappear. Nope. Actually it happens also in my other computer.

Update June : the new UI is no more « experimental » ! Things have been honed further, and are available to anyone. The « lag » seems to have been fixed. See this blog post for more. 



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