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OneNote now supports live embedded Power BI reports !

If you cope a lot with data, and don’t want to be limited to mere data crunching, but to draw out some useful insights instead, and share professional-looking reports, then Power BI is for you.

Still image
Power BI report embedded in a note

Although any Office 365 subscription allows for basic experiments in Power BI desktop (with reports stored locally), you will need a professional (or academic) subscription to « Publish » your reports on the internet, for later visualization in OneNote.

To embed your report in OneNote, all you have to do is to paste its URL in a note (as for any other « live » content).

To get this URL, you need to use Power BI App (web) :

File / Publish to web



Copy the URL


Then, paste it in OneNote :

PowerBI live in OneNote
Your interactive report fits well in OneNote !

With this addition, OneNote handles more than 20 formats : Watch by yourself !

A word of caution : you are potentially granting « access by anyone on the internet » with the « Publish to web » option. If your data are confidential, that may not be the right option (I am currently investigating how to use Power BI Embedded and/or Azure to keep the report stored privately, and will update this post as soon as I figure out how to achieve that).

Thanks to Mike Tholfsen, for sharing this great news with us on twitter !


Links :

  • Get started with Power BI : a short video to get the basics
  • Power BI for beginner : an excellent site with technical material.
  • I strongly recommend buying and reading Learn to Write DAX : if you get stuck with Power BI, when trying to do slightly more complex things than drap & drop Pivot table or graph, this may be the right book to read for you !

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