Group objects_Quick

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Version : OneNote for W10


OneNote for W10 has an Ink Shape recognition feature since a while now. But I just happen to discover that – despite there is not yet a « Group objects » command as in Powerpoint for example – it is nevertheless possible to move an entire diagram easily with a simple touch gesture (no need to use the lasso or mouse).

Simply press quickly twice on any shape (on one of its border), and the entire diagram will be selected, ready to be moved around.


Still image 12.png
Pressing twice quickly will show a border, and the icon which allows to move the selection


If you click once (with the mouse only), you can select an individual shape, and move it alone (without the « enclosed » text unfortunately). And if you select the shape with the lasso, you may of course move around the shape with the enclosed text. In both case, the connectors linking to the next shape will not remained anchored to the shape.

Not as powerful as in Nebo for that purpose (see my other blog post), but a welcome feature in the meantime !