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OneNote for W10 √

Lots of new features have been released for the « App » version of OneNote this year (see this Microsoft Blog post for a review), and there is more to come for sure !

Recently, Microsoft brought an option to test coming features on OneNote for W10 : all you have to do is activate the « experimental features » in Settings/Options/OneNote Preview.

The new UI improves how the different Notebooks, Sections, Sections Group (which can be expanded or collapsed) and pages are shown, and facilitate the navigation.

New Ui.png
Look of the new UI


Note the addition of the New Page / New Section button, on the bottom of the screen.

This is a most welcome improvement, which brings OneNote App closer to its other versions.


Comparatif Navigating pane.png
Compare OneNote App (on the left) with OneNote Online (on the right) : spot the differences if you can !



Comparing OneNote App (on the left) with OneNote desktop (on the right)


See WinSupersite coverage on this new feature, with a nice slideshow.



Updated 19/02/2017 : A new feature has surfaced : you can now hide the note’ thumbnail :

Sorry for the screen capture in French : it’s the second option below « Experimental feature »


Update 12/03/2017 : This option is now integrated in the View tab :



Option dans le menu Vue
Navigation options in the View menu





Evolution du bandeau de paramètre
The 2nd option (thumbnail preview) in the Settings have vanished.



While there are some quirks with the navigation (due to the removal of the hamburger menu) –  that may be solved in the final release.

See MSPowerUser, which acknowledge clearly the required fine tuning. Updated 19/02/2017 : the hamburger menu (≡) has completely vanished, and the functionality works perfectly well now. To be honest, there is still a small visual issue (not functional) : the minus and plus button are incomplete.


On a Surface Pro 3, with 2160 x 1440 resolution (scale 150%)


On a PC, with 1280 x 1024 resolution (100% scale)