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I was having an issue with inserting PDF printout in OneNote desktop.

Using W10, and the « Reader » App to read PDF file, I could easily open PDF documents, and send them to OneNote using the printer « OneNote 201x printer » ; but I could not insert a printout while using OneNote desktop.

OneNote 2016 did not worked better than OneNote 2013 in this respect.

On the other hand, it was working fine within OneNote universal : kind of frustrating !


Capture ribbon EN.png
Error message while trying to inset a file printout (PDF file) within OneNote desktop.


Recently, I found some advises on the Microsoft forum, but it involved changing the registry key, and the post was old (2013).

One thing I read on this forum supported my belief that there was indeed a bug :

« Everyone is having this problem. 

There are 3 people in Tibet and 1 person in Berlin who do not have this problem.

Also, all the people who do not have this problem do not have this problem. »

Since I was not planning to move to Tibet, I searched for more conventional advises, and here it is !

→I was using  « Reader » to read my PDF (the Microsoft PDF reader that came bundled with W10), and « Drawboard PDF » to annotate them. Both are « Modern UI » Apps, available in the Store.

Hence the problem : universal UI’ API do not communicate with OneNote desktop… (sorry, that may not be the right technical way to say, but you may catch the idea).

Installing a desktop PDF reader solved the issue !

(I installed Adobe Acrobat Reader DC)



Reference : for more advanced trouble shooting, you may refer to the Microsoft forum, and especially the advise from Omer Atay on his reply dated January, 28th, 2013.