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OneNote Desktop

Getting to know the File/Options/Display menu, that allows to customize your workspace : an essential menu, but not always easy to understand !

Options available in File/Options/Display menu


1. Get the « Send to OneNote tool » icon in the task bar :

Actually, this is not the OneNote icon itself, as written in the File/Option/Display menu. Rather, it consist in an add-in, that comes automatically with OneNote, and allow to quickly perform 3 things :

  • capture screen clipping
  • open OneNote
  • open a Quick note

The description in the bullet explains better what it is about :






and the result is :

Icon in the task bar




In OneNote 2013, this tool was more prominent, because a window would appear each time OneNote was launched :

Envoyer vers OneNote1
« Send to OneNote » tool’ window


In OneNote 2016, this window don’t show up anymore, and that’s neater ! But the tiny icon remains in the task bar, and  still allow to send screen captures to OneNote which is useful when you are in another app.


The tool as slightly changed from OneNote 2013 to OneNote 2016, to reflect the vanishing of the « Send to OneNote » window :

Envoyer vers onenote2013 FR.png
You can open the « Send to OneNote » window in OneNote 2013


You can’t anymore in OneNote 2016








(See also point 9 below, on screen clipping‘ notification setting)


2. Create all new pages with rule lines :

By default, the selected rule lines are the one shown in the illustration below (a red vertical line, and narrow horizontal lines) :


Menu View/Page Setup/Rules Lines

As a matter of fact, it is possible to activate this feature directly in the above mentioned menu (check « Always create Pages with Rule Lines »).

→Then modify the default type of Rule Lines, in the same window.


3. Dock new Quick Note windows on the side of the desktop

When this option is checked, new Quick Notes are docked on the (right) side of the screen, which allow to see another note on the main window (which automatically get resized) :

note rapide ancrée.gif
Option « Dock new Quick Note windows to the side of the desktop» checked.

This quick note works like a docked page (tab & ribbon collapsed, linked notes activated…).

When the option is not checked, new Quick Notes open in a new window, that behaves like a « normal » window (location, size…) :

note rapide non ancrée.gif
Option « Dock new Quick Note windows to the side of the desktop» not checked.


For your information, there are many ways to create Quick Notes :

  • OneNote 2013 :
    • Win Alt N
    • Clicking on the icon « Send to OneNote » (on the task bar)
  • OneNote 2016 :
    • Win N
    • Clicking on the icon « New Quick note » in the View menu directly within OneNote
New Quick Note button, in OneNote 2016


Replaced the button « Send to OneNote » tool in OneNote 2013





  • Windows 10
    • Note button in the notification area
New Qiock note in the task bar.PNG
Note button in the notification area




Quick notes are stored in the Quick Note section, shown in your main Notebook (actually the first you open), quickly available in the bottom Notebook pane :


Quick Notes (Notes rapides in French) is shown on my main notebook, and also available while in any other notebook, through the Quick Notes button in the bottom of the Notebook pane.



4., 5., 6. Page Tab & Notebook pane

See first illustration at the beginning of this post, and refer to the colour.

A word on Notebook pane (which is called navigation bar in the options menu…) : Note that the current notebook’ name will always appear on the left even if you uncheck « Navigation bar appears on the left ». Actually, the option only works when the notebook pane is pinned (i.e. showing all open notebooks).

7. Vertical scroll bar appears on the left :

This moves the scroll bar of the main area (your current note).

Note that the page tabs’ scroll bar is on the right if page tabs are on the right, even if the option « vertical scroll bar appear on the left » is checked. Confusing, isn’t it ?!

8. Show note containers on pages :

See my other blog post conteneur de notes in [French] for the time being.

9. Deactivates screen clipping notifications :

The table below describes how it works in OneNote 2013 :

Table 2013 V2.png
The notification are completely removed if you use the Screen Clipping button in OneNote’ Insert tab, but not the « Send to OneNote » tool, at least in OneNote 2013.

The table below describes how it works in OneNote 2016 :

This has been solved in OneNote 2016 !